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Best underreaction ever.

That guy needs his own movie.

In my headcanon, Bruce mentioned this to Nick Fury, and Nick immediately sent Maria Hill out to hire him.   He’s the night watchman, runs the cameras and patrols the halls of one of SHIELD’s front companies, over one of their most important top secret facilities.  The guy doesn’t know what he’s sitting on, of course, but he’s unflappable and unfailingly sensible and sees the facility through every weird situation with the same patient attitude.

Bruce appreciates him and always makes sure to stop by the desk when he’s nearby, ask about the guy’s wife and kids and grandkids.  He gets invited to Thanksgiving and the missus keeps trying to set him up with their daughter.

When Steve meets him, they swap war stories and instantly become BFFs, and sometimes Steve comes by during the guy’s shift with classic diner food and they play Gin for a couple hours over burgers or soup or meatloaf with mashed potatoes and Coca-Cola in glass bottles.

Thor loves to hear the guy tell stories, and believes him the skald of SHIELD.


This is all well and good but all I can think during this scene is hey it’s the Caterpillar from Syfy’s Alice.

Hello new headcanon…

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